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Areas we service in Western Australia

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Solar Power for Homes

Residential solar systems are fast becoming one of Australia's most popular home improvements. Customers can add value to their home while reducing their power bill and helping the environment. It just makes great sense!

Polaris Solar offers many solutions tailored for your specific needs with most systems being expandable allowing you to upgrade as you and your family grows. Our energy consultants will attend your home free of charge to do an in depth assessment of your requirements and needs before tailoring a system designed for you . Get a free consultation here.

Below are some popular systems. We have too many systems available to list them all so your energy advisor will go through the options when you have your free consultation.


Includes 6 * 185 watt Blueline Solar XT panels with EV 1500 watt inverter. This system is expandable to 8 * 185 watt panels. Offering high efficiency and great quality this system does not need a lot of roof space and is ideal for the growing family.


Includes 9 * 185 Blueline Solar XT panels with an EV2000 watt inverter. This system is ideal for those who wish to have the ability to expand over the years as your electricity usage changes. It will take up to 11 * 185 watt Blueline solar panels. It is versatile in any conditions, works great in the Australian heat and offers many features.


Includes 18 * 185watt Blueline Solar XT panels with a highly advanced MI 4000 watt inverter.  This system is for those who are serious about installing the best and getting a great return on investment for their money. It will supply enough energy to wipe out most household electricity bills, is still expandable to 22 * 185 watt Blueline panels and still usually has enough to pump plenty back into the grid so the electricity companies pay you!


Includes 26 * 185 watt Blueline Solar XT panels with a MI 5000 watt inverter. For those who want the capability of getting a large system on their house. This system offers very high return on investment for many years to come. This system is recommended for those who see solar as a serious investment for their financial future.

We offer dozens of other systems for customers and our operators are happy to take your call and organise your free quote. Please feel free to use our services when making your decision to go with solar power.